Why is the conference online this year?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we do not believe it is practical to host an in-person conference this year. Our main concerns are about the ease of finding suitable transport to visit the conference venue, the possibility of large numbers of people (likely hundreds) in rooms for extended periods of time, and the difficulty maintaining social distancing in a conference setting. The risk of attending is also likely to affect those with medical and other accessibility concerns disproportionately, leading to accessibility concerns if we were to host in person.

Further, as this conference is aimed at an international audience this year, we feel it will be easier to attend for a wider group of people if it was online.

We appreciate that hosting virtually sacrifices some elements that a physical conference would offer, such as the ability to be with other aces in the same room and the ease of socialising and discussing. However, we feel the advantages of a virtual conference outweigh the downsides this year.

We will re-evaluate this decision for future AVEN conferences based on feedback after the conference.

Will the sessions be recorded?

All YouTube sessions and comments will be recorded. All Slido questions will be exported for viewing later too. Discord text chat is saved.

Discord voice, video, and stages are not recorded.

How can I provide feedback?

After the conference we will send out a feedback form to your email. There will be both set questions and open comment boxes for detailed thoughts.

Alternatively, at any point before, during, or after (even long after) the conference, you can email us at UKAceCon2022@gmail.com with any thoughts.

Please note that the conference team disbands between conferences, so if your feedback arrives several weeks after the end of the conference, it may not be immediately seen by the team until it reforms for another conference.

What time is the conference in other timezones?

You can use this converter to determine when the conference is in your timezone.

If you have any trouble with the conversion, please email us and we can help out! UKAceCon2022@gmail.com

Why are you pushing for underrepresented groups to appear at the conference?

We feel in previous conferences underrepresented intersections of the asexual community were.. well.... underrepresented! The diversity of our community is something to celebrate and we can learn so much from each other's views. We are keen for people from all walks of lives to be represented at our conferences.

By asking members from these communities to come forward, and by working hard to make sure conference advertisements reach these groups, we hope to reduce the disparity apparent in previous events.

Beyond these, AVEN is working with a wide range of asexual communities to better understand the issues faced by our full range of members and seek ways to resolve them.

Why are we not using Gather this year?

We understand there was a lot of excitement about Gather, which is the virtual space we used in 2020. Unfortunately during testing, we found Gather did not meet out accessibility requirements, which are stricter this year. We have provided feedback to Gather to advise on how they may design a platform that matches our requirements and we hope the changes will be in place for next year.

We also examined a number of alternatives to Gather with the virtual space you can move around in, but none were suitable for our needs.

Is the conference accessible to minors?

For legal reasons, we have had to restrict access to the conference to those who are 18 and over, or who have written parental consent. We do appreciate this may cause difficulties for those who are under 18 and wish to attend but unfortunately, we're not able to change this.