Ace Baker


Welcome to the inaugural Ace Baker competition! This event is the official fundraiser for UK Ace Con 2022. Watch fellow aces compete while performing challenges based on your donations. Who will be the first ever Ace Baker? Donate Here (GBP) Donate Here (USD)

Poster for the Ace Baker fundraiser. The logo reads Ace Baker with a chef's hat and 
    				   a whisk behind it. The text below it reads Saturday, 20th August 2022. 17:00-20:00 BST. Join us for the ace-est 
    				   of baking competitions and help raise money to make the 2022 UK Asexuality Conference a little better for everyone!

Watching the stream

Ace Baker will be livestreamed to YouTube on Saturday, 20th August 2022 from 17:00-20:00 BST. Check out the stream on YouTube.